We are Passionate About the Military and Veterans

We exist for a reason and our staff have been keen in helping veterans for more than ten years. The primary intention of the VA loan program is to assist the veterans of our nation to get access to adequate housing at the best terms that they cannot find anywhere else. This motivates us to get up every morning and come to work so that any veteran that gives us a call or pays us a visit will be served accordingly. We aspire to treat each veteran like the hero who is in him and receive the benefits they were promised while giving their lives for the protection of our freedom.

One of the things that give us fulfillment in our work is seeing veterans benefit from the VA loan program. It feels so good to give the greatest assets to our nation the service they need the most. Imagine seeing a veteran who has recently been discharged get a home at a cost that is less by 2% what he thought he could get. This is one of the most exciting experiences we find in our place of work.

Several leaders have not been able to access the VA loan bandwagon from the time of the recession. Some of the lenders are unable to transfer what they know about conventional loans to VA loans. We have been offering VA loans since the inception of our brand and have a clear understanding of this program. This is a great opportunity to allow us share with you what we have learnt over time.

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Preparing Veterans for Success

At Low VA Rates, we strongly believe in educating our borrowers instead of keeping them in the dark about things that are going to massively affect their financial futures.

We write articles like this one & we want to bring you into the loop and make sure you have all the information necessary to make informed, intelligent decisions.

The VA loan process can be complex and overwhelming, but our well-trained loan officers are ready and able to help you every step of the way.

To learn more about the many processes and requirements that make up a VA loan,please visit our website, We thank you for your service!



The design of the VA program is to make it as flexible as possible by offering a broad range of loans. For the person buying for the first time

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Home refinancing mortgage loans offers a lot of flexibility in comparison to the other available conventional refinance loaning programs.

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The VA hybrid loan is also referred to as the VA Hybrid ARM is a loan program that combines both the adjustable and fixed rates into a single loan.

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